Company Introduction

UNITRANS FREIGHT SOLUTION LIMITED located in Shenzhen, China, we believe that a specialized freight solution can be a key to success for both our company and our customers with an emphasis on the customer.

By remaining a truly specialized third party freight company, we have been able to define our service to meet the varied needs of thousands of shippers and receivers in our system. Thus, a highly focused and personalized service with proactive follow-up is applied to all shipments.

In the years since our opening, our business has grown from a local grass roots operation to a world leader, catering to customers who demand the best in service and competitive pricing.

As our industry and global market changes, we continue to anticipate and adapt to these changes through our flexibility and focus on quality and customer service.

We have never been led by trends or short term fads. Instead we have been inspired by our customers who together with our staff of world class professionals are the driving force behind us.

In a world with growth as strong as the one we live in, we have to be prepared to handle new and better ways to communicate and service our clients.

Even though we have become modernized, we are still able to maintain the old fashioned principles we have all learned to appreciate from our pasts. Working with different types of clients from small trading company to major corporations, allows us to deal successfully with many types of interesting personalities. we have a staff who can relate to all of them.

Our industry is extremely competitive and in order to continue increasing our market share we have a simple formula, which makes all of our clients happy; great service at a great price! We offer an array of service options to meet the expanding needs of our valued customers. Each service option is underscored by our personalized service and customer care, regardless of the size or destination of our customer’s order.

The heart of our company is a culture in which colleagues feel like family. We believe in being consistent, efficient, honest and to the point. UNITRANS FREIGHT SOLUTION LIMITED will continue to provide the best performance and quality global logistics services to our customers throughout the world.