Less-Than-Container Load (LCL)

Unitrans Freight Solution Limited is the leading global less-than-container-load (LCL) seafreight provider. When you don't have enough cargo for a full container, rely on us to provide you with LCL departures from major ports across the world.

Unitrans Freight Solution Limited comprehensive approach to LCL management ensures reliable, fast shipment of goods -- worldwide. Our philosophy is to run the product in-house so that we control the cargo flow, transit times, costs and information accuracy.

Unitrans Freight Solution Limited is the first seafreight provider to build a worldwide in china, independent LCL network focused on customers' business objectives. Our network provides you with:

  • Direct or maximum-one-stop routings to guarantee reliable, fast shipments
  • Minimization of cargo-damage risk through reduced trans-loading
  • Single point of contact for all your global LCL needs

Leveraging our LCL capabilities allows you to:

  • Benefit from maximized routing options with ample supply of equipment and vessel space via preferred carriers
  • Take advantage of our buying leverage
  • mprove overall service while keeping costs contained

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Head Office-Global Sea freight solution