Air Products

Whether you're shipping cargo one side of the country to the other, across a border or around

the world, Unitrans Freight Solution can design an airfreight solution that meets your needs.

Enhanced management of global supply chains relies heavily on on-time delivery. Unitrans Freight Solution is rolling out its industry-leading suite of standardized “all-in” airfreight products that incorporate the advantages of the process control.

our premium, performance-guaranteed express airfreight product ; our consolidation service for fast, cost-efficient time-defined delivery; for time-extended supply chain requirements; and for special cargo – features:

  • Automated, immediate, all-inclusive price calculation
  • Time-defined delivery promise
  • Maximum shipment visibility
  • Standardized invoice structure for easy checking.

Cooperating Air Line:

CX, CA, EK, SQ…..etc.

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